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Ta’am Teva Open House

One day. July 10th. Northern suburbs of Chicago. The Ta’am Teva educational space is open to explore. Come by and see how nature based learning can be the right fit for your child. You’ll be able to roam through the indoor and outdoor classrooms to see first hand where we practice our curriculum. Parents and children are welcome to swing by for activities and snacks from 3-5pm. RSVP At the link below!

Spring Update

It’s Spring and time to celebrate a new season. Flowers like daffodils, tulips, crocus and hyacinth are starting to bloom. It rains a lot- at least here in Chicago. Rain storms mean lots of mud, clouds and wind! Here are 5 simple activities you can do at home to celebrate what is happening in nature at this time of year.

Democracy in Action

During a recent snowy week, the children started making a big pile of snow with their shovels. As the pile got bigger and bigger the children decided they were building a mountain. However, not everyone agreed on how the mountain should be shaped or where the snow should be placed.

Kedushah Holy Spaces

We live in a fast -paced hectic world where children are rushed from one activity to the next. They constantly hear phrases like “Hurry up, come on we’ll be late.” Or “not now, we need to go.” It has become rare for…