Nature based learning in a warm & welcoming community

The experienced educators at Ta’am Teva use their expertise in outdoor education, early childhood education, and Jewish education to create engaging learning experiences. Our goal is to have your child develop a skill set that enables them to be a self-engaged learner. 

A Day In The Life

Curious what a day in the life at Ta’am Teva looks like?


Physical Activity

Community Circle

Outdoor Explorations

Snack & Clean Up



Gross Motor

Every day the class starts with a physical task. It might be a scavenger hunt, following a map,
or an obstacle course. As children engage in this activity, they are developing physical endurance and balance.

Fine Motor

Children need to develop the small muscles in their fingers before they can learn to write.We work on helping these muscles get stronger
every day by using tweezers, shucking corn or collecting small items like acorns or seeds. 

Social & Emotional

Developing social and emotional skills are a top priority at Ta’am Teva. We work on helping children recognize their emotional spectrum and practice calming techniques like breathing and thoughtfully channeling emotions positively.


Whether it is finding letters in nature, making alphabet soup in the mud kitchen or playing tree tag with letters, children are exposed to literacy skills daily. Children also listen to stories and write their own.


Children are constantly counting, comparing sizes and recognizing shapes outdoors. For example, we use thermometers with numbers so children can develop math skills in ways that are meaningful to them.


Good observation skills are important for any budding scientist and we work on that area every day at Ta’am Teva. Children notice the differences in temperature, wind, plants and animals through hands on lessons.

Ta’am Teva Preschool Location

The foundation of our curriculum stems from the learning space that we have cultivated.
To learn more and see our space visit our Location page and view our virtual tour!